If you have just taken out a gym membership, and you are new to this type of establishment, then there are a few common mistakes that you want to avoid.

Don’t Skip the Warm Ups and Cool Downs

Anyone who is familiar with fitness programs and exercising will tell you that it is very important that you carry through your warm ups and your cool downs. Your warm ups help to prepare your body for the more intense workouts that will be coming. And if you don’t go through the cool down regime, you could end up feeling sick. During your intense workout session your body speeds up, your temperature rises, and your blood vessels expand to accommodate the increase in blood flow. All of these have to come back to normal after your exercise, and that is what the cool down allows for.

Not Enough Hydration

During your workouts at the gym, your body perspires, and you lose a lot of fluids. You must replace these fluids that are lost after your workout. In most cases, it is only necessary to drink water. You probably have not worked out so intensely that you need any type of sports drink or replacement for your electrolytes.

Follow Up with a Healthy Meal After the Gym

In order for your body to recover after a good workout at the gym, it needs to be replenished. Your muscles have used up a lot of your carbs, and you need to replenish your protein. Experts recommend eating about 2 hours after your gym exercise. Eat a healthy meal, and avoid junk food.

Stay Consistent With Your Gym Program

If you really want all your hard work to pay off from your gym visits, then stay consistent with your trips there, and focus on increasing your exercise activity as you progress.